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    I have framed the cement walls in my basement. I have kraft faced insulation between the studs. Do I need any other vapor barrier against the cement. I did not seal it before putting in the insulation. Could this potentially be a problem in the future?
    • CommentAuthorjagged
    • CommentTimeApr 17th 2013
    My problem is a little different. I bought a house in the Philippines that is 2 stories tall and solid cement. The average daytime temperatures are around 25 degrees C. I would like to insulate the inside of all exterior walls and of course the upstairs ceiling. Unfortunately normal insulation like we find here in Canada is not available there. Forget "Getting Pink". Even 4 x 8 sheets of hard foam aren't available anywhere I could find. You can get rolls of glass or rock wool in different thicknesses and densities. I was thinking steel studs and 100mm 12kg/m3 density wool for the walls, then drywall and probably triple that in the ceiling. Vapour barrier?? where would that go? Wood is a no-no due to termites. Any help you could give me would be appreciated!.............Thanx!