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    Ceramic fiber paper is a type of sheet product made of ceramic fiber with addition of additives. It has good high temperature performance and good insulation performance. It is can be used as high temperature insulation materials, high temperature air filtering materials and high temperature buffer materials.

    High temperature insulation fiber developed from the natural asbestos fiber to synthetic glass fiber and then to ceramic fiber. It is characterized by low density, low thermal conductivity, good resistance to thermal shock and mechanical shock, good elasticity and plasticity and good electrical insulation properties. It is a type of practical amorphous inorganic fiber.

    Ceramic fiber paper is made of ceramic fiber cotton with a low content of slag balls by pulping, dross removing, molding, vacuum dewatering, drying and cutting.

    Since it contains no asbestos, it is environment friendly and is an environmental alternative to asbestos. It has even fiber distribution, white color, no stratification, small slag balls and good strength. It has low thermal conductivity, low thermal capacity, good insulation, good chemical stability and corrosion resistance. The physical property like refractory and insulation keep same when meet with oil, water or steam. The paper is with smooth furnace and good flexibility, can be cut into suitable size. Besides, ceramic fiber paper has excellent dielectric strength; the binder will be burned out when fired.

    Due to those advantages, it is widely used in machinery, petroleum, transportation, aerospace and other industries. It can used as welding thermal barriers, castings parcel , plant catalytic converters parcel, ladle parcels, thermocouple protection tube, sealing for furnace door, sealing and insulating pat, expansion joint for furnaces, insulating material for home application, filter material for high temperature, insulation material for glass and metal industry, insulations for car muffler and exhaust pipe, and fireproof.

    Zhengzhou Sunrise Refractory supplies various ceramic fiber products including ceramic fiber blanket, ceramic fiber board, ceramic fiber module, ceramic fiber vacuum formed shapes, calcium silicate board, ceramic millboard, ceramic fiber paper, ceramic fiber bulk, and ceramic fiber cloth tape, rope and yarn.