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    Spun ceramic fiber blanket is made of spun ceramic fiber cotton by needling, heat setting, vertically and horizontally cutting and rolling. Ceramic fiber blankets with different thickness and density provide a wide range of choice of materials to obtain the best insulation and energy efficiency.

    Spun ceramic fiber blanket has uniform diameter, long fiber and low content of slag balls. Its interleaving degree, delamination, properties, erosion ressitance, flexibility and tensile strength are all improved, which improves the application performance of spun blanket and reduces the material loss. Spun blanket does not contain any binding agent to ensure that products have good reliability and stability in various environments.

    Spun ceramic fiber blanket has low thermal conductivity, low thermal capacity, excellent thermal stability and thermal shock resistance, excellent tensile strength, excellent thermal insulation, good fire protection and sound absorption. It can be used in industrial furnaces, heating devices,high temperature pipe lining, industrial high-temperature reaction equipment, heating equipment lining, power boilers, gas turbine, furnace door, and high-temperature filter materials.

    The heat capacity of spun ceramic fiber blanket is only 1/10 of that of lightweight refractory lining and light castable lining. The heat capacity of the lining material is is proportional to its weight. Low heat capacity means less heat absorption of the furnace in the reciprocating operation and higher heating rate. It can greatly reduce energy consumption of the temperature operation control, especially the start and shutedown of the heating furnace.

    Zhengzhou Sunrise Refractory supplies various ceramic fiber products including ceramic fiber blanket, ceramic fiber board, ceramic fiber module, ceramic fiber vacuum formed shapes, calcium silicate board, ceramic millboard, ceramic fiber paper, ceramic fiber bulk, and ceramic fiber cloth tape, rope and yarn.