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    Ceramic Fiber Cloth Tape, Rope, Yarn Ceramic Fiber Cloth Tape, Rope, Yarn are ceramic fiber textiles woven from Ceramic Fiber Yarn. Made of ceramic fiber yarn as raw materials and glass fiber or stainless steel wire as reinforcing materials, those products have high strength at high temperature, good flexibility and good machinability.

    Ceramic fiber cloth and tape are a type of ceramic fiber product with light weight, good high temperature performance, good thermal stability, low thermal conductivity and low resistance to mechanical shock. It is designed for a variety of high temperature, high pressure and easy-to-wear environments. They are mainly used in fire doors and for the insulation of industrial furnaces and high temperature pipes and containers.

    Ceramic fiber rope can be divided into ceramic fiber twisted rope, ceramic fiber braided rope, ceramic fiber square braided rope, ceramic fiber circular braided rope, ceramic fiber Matsunawa, flat ceramic fiber packing and flat ceramic fiber square rope. It is mainly used in the expansion joints of various industrial furnaces, insulation of high temperature pipes and insulation of steel junctions.

    They are widely used for high temperature static sealing (e.g. door joint or gaskets for flanges), fire protection (e.g. fires proof curtain against welding spark), asbestos substitute, expansion joint, pipe or round duct insulation lagging and for manufacturing of safety products (e.g. safety gloves or apron).

    Since Ceramic Fiber Cloth Tape, Rope, Yarn contain about 15% organic fiber, when heated for the first time, as the temperature rises, the organic fiber will be gradually carbonized and there will be smoke and even fire. This is a normal phenomenon and does not affect use. As the temperature continues to rise, the products will gradually turn white and the organic fiber is completely carbonized.

    Zhengzhou Sunrise Refractory supplies various ceramic fiber products including ceramic fiber blanket, ceramic fiber board, ceramic fiber module, ceramic fiber vacuum formed shapes, calcium silicate board, ceramic millboard, ceramic fiber paper, ceramic fiber bulk, and ceramic fiber cloth tape, rope, yarn.